Learn Effective Business Communication Skills with Ease

Want to becomea better communicator?more memorable?a better networker?

  • Make yourself memorable in 15 seconds or less

  • Create a conversation without saying a word

  • Become a STAR in your next interview

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Jose Eplin

Amazon Review

Motivating - This book really helped me open up to people in public. Having a conversation with a stranger became easier after reading this book! I would recommend this to everyone. Outstanding!


Did you know?


"15 seconds can be the difference between fast-tracking your career or watching it stand still for years."


An Introduction to First Impressions


Three Secrets to Excelling at Any Social Event


Why Do I Keep Failing at Social Events                          


It's The Preparation That Matters                    

A Few Key Concepts in the Book

Conversation Starters

Quickly overcome your fears and anxiety when trying to start a conversation with a stranger. This book will give you proven tools and techniques to start a conversation in virtually any business environment. 

Elevator Pitch

15 seconds can be the difference between fast-tracking your career or watching it stand still for years. Learn how to craft the perfect elevator pitch that will Intrigue people to want to learn more about you instantly.

Business Presentations

Business presentations can make or break your career in seconds. Learn the 3 critical components every business professional needs to know before they start their presentation.                                        

Networking Events

Learn how to work a room effortlessly while building contacts, open doors for the future, and creating relationships that will last.

Interviewing Skills

Interviewing skills are critical to your advancement in the business world. Learn how to navigate the rough waters of interviews anyway come out looking like at STAR.

Building Rapport

Rapport is creating a mutual feeling of trust or an instant connection. Learn 6 steps for building rapport in the business world with ease.

Craft Your Perfect Elevator Pitch

Effective Business Communication Skills