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Business Communication Skills

10 Top Business Communication Movie Scenes

December 31, 2018
Phone Conversation

7 Tips for Creating a Great First Impression Over the Phone

Business Communication Skills / Interviewing / Networking

7 Powerful Techniques that will Help You Standout in Your Next Interview

10 Top Business Communication Movie Scenes

Most people love a great story. We love to watch how someone goes from rags to riches or even that down on their luck type of person who turns their life around. It can be fascinating to watch the twists, turns, and risk involved to overcome the odds to become successful. Although most of these…

7 Tips for Creating a Great First Impression Over the Phone

7 Tips for Creating a Great First Impression Over the Phone
What’s the most important aspect of making a good first impression over the phone? You’ll probably be surprised to know it’s how they see you. Wait, you’re on the phone, how in the world can they see you? Think about it for a moment, when you’re talking to someone over the phone can you see…

7 Powerful Techniques that will Help You Standout in Your Next Interview

As John was wrapping up his interview, he was asked one last question, “What’s your biggest weaknesses”. John looked at the interviewer with confidence and said, “Well, I’ve been told my biggest weakness is not knowing when to quit. When I have a project in hand, I tend to lose track of time because I’m…

Team Dynamics Infographic

  When it comes to effective business communication skills, team dynamics play a critical role in everyone’s success. In this infographic we outline a study done in the book “The 8th Habit” by Stephen Covey that looks at how in tune employees are within the organization.

Small Talk Infographic – The Art of Starting a Conversation

As mentioned in Chapter 4 of Building Rapport in Business, there is nothing small about the subject of small talk. Anyone skilled in this area knows they need to use a series of techniques to be successful. This infographic is based on the OPEN formula from the book First Impressions for the Business Professional which…

DISC Infographic – Understanding Your Personality

When it comes to understanding your personality, DISC is by far the most useful tool for uncovering who you are and how to interact with others with ease. As a starting point to understanding yourself, we encourage you to try our free DISC personality assessment today. These 6 questions will help you get a better…

Problem Solving in the Business World

I once had a manager in the Navy tell me “If the world wasn’t full of problems no one would have a job”. Is that true? I once analyzed a supermarket for a few days to understand what each role did and quickly realized every job was designed to solve some kind of problem from…

2018 Best Business Advice for Workplace Communication Skills

The fastest way to find a competitive advantage in your career is finding the right mentors. Mentors can help open doors, point you in the right direction, and most importantly save you years of frustration with key advice that can put you back on the right track immediately. Last month we published our list of the Top Business Communication Blogs…

Top 30 Business Communication Blogs 2018

Our team does a ton of research in the fields of business communication skills, leadership development, and interpersonal communication trends in the workplace. Out of the hundreds of blogs we reviewed over the year, we selected our Top 30 Business Communication Blogs for 2018. We selected these top-tier blogs based on the real value they provide…

11 Habits Successful Business People Do at Networking Events, But Never Talk About

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: Networking at business events is REALLY hard. You’re outside your comfort zone, you need to approach strangers, don’t really know who to connect with or what to say, and you definitely don’t want to make a bad first impression with someone important. But is business networking…

The Top 26 Books You Need to Read to Increase Your Business Communication Skills in 2018

It was Dale Carnegie in 1936 who once said: “Even in such technical lines as engineering, about 15% of one’s financial success is due to one’s technical knowledge, and about 85% is due to skill in human engineering, to personality and the ability to lead people”. Is that really true? In studies conducted by Harvard…

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