Comparing DISC vs. Myers Briggs


Why is DISC a critical tool?

Myers Briggs Personality Assessment

Myers Briggs is a great tool for understanding yourself. However, this system can overload you with information and within a couple of months, you can find yourself forgetting most of what you learned. Myers Briggs like most similar tools is what we call one-dimensional system because their focus is on teaching you about yourself. It’s very difficult to memorize all 16 personality types leaving you with little understanding of other personality types or how to interact in a comprehensive manner.

DISC Personality Assessment

DISC, based on the 4 basic quadrants, on the other hand, is what we call a three-dimensional tool which you can easily utilize for years to come in your professional and personal life.

First Dimension - Based on an assessment we will help you unlock who you really are. Have you ever said, "Why did I just say that?" We will help you understand yourself better by identifying your core strengths & weaknesses and we will show you how to build on them.
Second  Dimension - Based on human behavior patterns you will start unlocking the secrets to understanding how others tick. Start to understand key wants and needs of any person you meet in seconds.
Third  Dimension - Based on human behavior patterns we will help you unlock the secrets on how to better deal with other people. If you understand human behavior patterns and can apply them to the people around you, you will always have a competitive advantage.

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