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Free DISC Personality Assessment

We encourage you to "experiment" for 30 seconds with our Free Tool to get an idea about your personality style.

DISC is a behavioral model based on universal personality characteristics grouped into four specific quadrants.

You can use DISC as a framework to determine what personality style we are most dominant in. It’s important to understand that although you are more dominant in one of the four quadrants your personality could be a combination of multiple quadrants which is called your unique personality BLEND.

Your dominant personality style heavily influences not only how people perceive you but also your personal habits, your communication style, leadership style, and even how you interact with friends, family, co-workers and teams.

Free Disc Assessment


By understanding a few key factors of DISC  you’ll be able to build better social skills and interpersonal communication skills with ease.

Save 15 years of Interpersonal Frustrations in 15 minutes by Taking a Full Assessment Today.


$59 One Time Cost
  • 6 Page Report
  • Overview of DISC
  • Indentify Your Key Strengths
  • Understand Key Team Dynamics


$99 One Time Cost
  • 50 Page Report
  • Overview of DISC
  • Indentify Your Key Strengths
  • Understand Key Team Dynamics
  • Understand Communication Styles
  • Understand Decision-Making Styles
  • Communication Better With Others


$129 One Time Cost
  • 60 Page Report
  • Introduction Leadership Model
  • AdjustingYour Leadership Style
  • Words That Describe You
  • Your Keys To Excellence
  • Your Key Motivators & Behaviors
  • Priorities & Decision-Making Styles
  • Detailed Section On How to Lead Others

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