What’s the most important aspect of making a good first impression over the phone?

You’ll probably be surprised to know it’s how they see you.

Wait, you’re on the phone, how in the world can they see you?

Think about it for a moment, when you’re talking to someone over the phone can you see them? 9 times out of 10 you do. Not physically, but based on the dialog you will definitely imagine what they look like and vice versa.

In this article, we’ll explore the most common factors that make up our first impression over the phone and understand how to maximize it.


  1. Tonality – This is by far the most important aspect of creating a great first impression over the phone. Your tonality is considered your secret weapon for creating rapport over the phone because it conveys emotions like caring and sincerity. Your tonality can also have a negative effect conveying emotions of arrogance or rudeness that can instantly create a bad first impression. Check out Chapter 3 of Building Rapport in Business – The Definitive Guide (Building Rapport With Tonality) for a more in-depth understanding of this powerful topic.


  1. Smile – Having a positive frame of mind is critical in any conversation. Smiling while on the phone subconsciously puts you in a positive frame of mind.


  1. Match their rate of speech – Have you ever heard we like people like us? This principle applies over the phone as well. If you notice they are speaking fast, match their speed. If someone is speaking soft and slow, you should speak soft and slow as well. Matching their rate of speech and volume can subconsciously help you build rapport faster


  1. Confidence – Everyone wants to talk to an expert. In order to ensure you sound 100% confident consider crafting an opening script to come across as polished as possible when greeting them.


  1. Listen and take notes – A great conversationalist lets the other person do most of the talking. If you have questions make a note until you have an opening in the conversation. This technique allows you to control the conversation with ease.


  1. Saying Good-Bye – Make sure use a proper goodbye and always ask for an email just in case you need to follow-up with them.


  1. Leave a good message – When you have to leave a message your goal is to get them to call you back. Ensure you sound confident (with your script) and let them know exactly why they need to call you back.